Some Considerations When Considering a Hosting Provider

by Arlin Audrain

Web Hosting

You've chosen a great domain name. Now what?

You need a web host.

What exactly is the function of a web host?

In simplest terms, a web host provides server space and file management for your web site.

Your domain is your store front ...the name of your business . Now you need a great office to house your business. This is your host.

There are a number of host providers from which you can choose. Some are free... some charge monthly fees. All of them are in business to make a profit for themselves, just as a landlord expects to make a profit from leasing you a business office.

There are some considerations when choosing a host provider:

1. What about a free hosting provider? Remember, all host providers are in business to make a profit. Most "Free" hosts place advertising on your websites. Some use simple ad blocks while others use pop ups or banners. Using your site for this free advertising is how they cover the costs of providing web space. If you don't mind having the advertisements on your site, then explore several different ones and determine which you would be ok with. Check them out carefully.

Some have frequent down time.
Some can close without warning.
Some restrict you to designing your site with their site builder.
Some don't allow enough space for your needs and for your inevitable growth.

Remember, reliability is key when you set up your site. You expect it. Your customers expect it.

2. What about paid hosting? Look for reliability. Look for available data transfer or bandwidth. Average sites use maybe 4 GB max.What about disk space? You'll likely not use more than 8 to 10 MB. Look for a host provider that provides a secure server for doing business transactions. Find a host that provides a control panel. and allows you to manage your passwords and email accounts.

It's good to have a host that allows sub domain hosting or multiple domains.
Find a host that has a price and a payment plan that you can live with.
While it's true that you usually get what you pay for, you don't have to settle for the most expensive. Some really good hosting companies are quite reasonable, and when compared with the services they provide, they are a good investment.

When picking your hosting provider think of the future of your business. You want to be there for the long haul.

Think reliability, manageability, and growth capability.


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