Tips to Run a Web Hosting Reseller Business

by Mike Selvon

Just as people have to have a place to call home, websites also must have a "residence." As individuals seek housing, internet entrepreneurs seek hosting for their websites. These days there is an enormous demand for web hosting services and becoming a web hosting reseller to try to help meet that demand can be an easy business to operate from home.

One of the most important aspects of a web hosting plan is that it provides an address, so the website can be located. Without a hosting plan, a website is simply not accessible to people who are searching online, even if you have the best looking site and most amazing domain name or URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Regardless of whether a person is a dedicated server reseller or is someone who resells low cost hosting services, the fact is they are able to provide individuals and companies, who need to rent a place for their website to reside, with functional and reliable options.

When someone arranges for a web hosting reseller account, they are working with one of the very large web server hosting providers, which sells the hosting service to the reseller at a wholesale cost. The reseller can then repackage the resources available through their reseller account and can customize the packages that they offer. Many times a hosting reseller will custom design hosting packages that appeal to certain niche markets.

A hosting reseller does not own or operate the hardware, the web servers or the internet connections that are necessary to provide hosting. The equipment is purchased and maintained by the hosting company, which also provides the technical support and which is responsible for around the clock monitoring of the equipment. The reseller simply has gained rights to resell the services of the hosting provider and they make their money on the margin between what their reseller account costs and what they are able to make when they resell the web server hosting services.

In many cases, a web hosting reseller provides better and more responsive customer service than the major web server hosting companies are able to do. This is because a reseller typically has fewer customers to deal with and can take care of customer questions and concerns more rapidly. However, the technical support that involves the physical monitoring of the equipment is still done at the level where the web servers are actually housed.

Typically, a hosting reseller is very careful and particular about choosing the company from whom they will purchase server space. The business of the reseller relies completely on the stability, performance and reliability of the hosting provider, so a reseller will go to great lengths to be sure that they are only working with a hosting company that can provide the best level of quality and service.

The only thing that is needed to be a web hosting reseller is a connection to the internet, in order to administer the hosting control panel and to set up and manage accounts. Customer service, and advertising and promotion are also part of the reseller hosting business. It can be a very good way to get an internet business started because there is very low overhead and the product is, and will continue to be, in high demand.

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Hosting a Website - Business Transactions

by Tem Balanco

Online business has become ubiquitous and hence every business must have an online presence to maximize business. Even if you do not intend to expand your business to online transactions, it is important for any business venture to have a presence online. To begin this process of establishing a presence, the first steps involve setting up a domain name and hosting the website.

First let us understand what website hosting and domain names really mean. When people want to reach your website they do so by using the identifier known as the domain name. Each domain name contains a unique IP address, so that when a user types in that domain name the data stored on that IP address is what is loaded in the browser. The majority of hosting plans offer many pre-registered domain names.

What makes a website unique is a combination of the domain name and its content. This helps to distinguish it from millions of other web sites out there. The website content itself is served from servers. Big businesses can afford complex and sophisticated servers and server systems while small businesses usually find it economical to rent space on servers hosted by third party hosting companies.

It is true that for small businesses it is easier hosting a website on a medium-range server. But in the longer term, hosting a website on such servers is not a good idea if you plan on making your business grow. Because as your website becomes popular, such servers may not be enough to handle the huge user traffic. Thus, your best bet might be to rent space provided by a third party with hosting expertise.

The numerous selection of hosting plans can confuse a new purchaser. To assist in choosing a particular plan, research websites listing independent reviews that will enumerate the less-obvious costs inherent in each plan and that will help you find the least expensive hosting plan that is sensible for your website.

You can find many online forums that can give you solid advice on what you should concentrate on when you assess possible service providers for hosting a website. It is extremely helpful to be well informed, and these forums are full of people who have already gone through what you are experiencing. Make use of their knowledge in order to make your path easier.

To initiate the process of getting your business website ready, you need to decide on its domain name and its hosting. Let's first understand what is meant by domain name and website hosting. A domain name is the identifier through which people can reach your website. Every domain name has a unique Internet Protocol address. Most hosting plans offer a vast choice of pre-registered domain names. It is often that the small businesses purchase medium-range server for hosting a website, but this may lead to problems in future. The numerous selection of hosting plans can confuse a new purchaser.