How to Have Dedicated Servers

by Draco Letty

Having dedicated servers can be a challenge but it can be worthwhile for your business in the long run. Having a truly dedicated server will require that more than one person watch over it and repair it on any given day. This is because one person cannot watch over a dedicated server by themselves and hope to have it be up the majority of the time. At some point that person will need sleep and that is probably when the server will decide to die. When that happens all of the sites you may be hosting will go with it and they will complain along with their users, then you have big problems because you may lose customers. In order to truly have a dedicated server several people should be looking over your servers at any one time so that if one decided to go crazy and bug out then it can be fixed with little down time lost.

With several people watching it they can take turns making sure everything is ok with the server in shifts like a job and then when something goes wrong someone will always be there. Even if the dedicated server seems to be working right there are times you may wish to replace parts for newer ones or just do overall checkups here and there. This makes sure things keep working in good order by getting to some of the parts that are prone to breaking before they do so. In that way you can schedule maintenances so that you may transfer things to different servers if you have more than one, while you work on the other effectively keeping things running while you are performing work on the other. This also keeps you from having to work under stress knowing that you have to get a server back up quickly if it goes down when you were not expecting it. Rushing too much can cause you to mess up the server even more and something that only would have taken a few minutes to fix could cause the server to be down for hours.

Constant monitoring and quick but precise fixes, along with regularly scheduled checkups are the keys to keeping servers in great condition. Do that and you should have little problem with keeping the servers up and running a great majority of the time. There are times when something unexpected may occur and there is not much you can do about that but if you do something about the things you can do something about then it will make all the difference.