Free Or Paid - Which Hosting is Better?

by Bob Willis

Creating an internet presence would mean building a website. This means a web hosting service is needed to upload the website in the internet. Web hosting services can be for free and it can also be paid. Both services have their own advantages and disadvantages.

An internet marketer newbie who is burdened by the expenses that is entailed in setting up an ecommerce site may opt for a free web hosting service. It would certainly be most tempting to be spared from paying the $20 to $35 monthly fees that a paid web hosting would require.

Without a doubt, free web hosting would be economical but it comes with a lot of disadvantages and when you weigh the consequences, a paid web hosting will win hands down. If you have opted for a free web hosting the first problem you will encounter would be the limited storage space and bandwidth. This means that you can not put a lot of files, graphics and pictures. So if you have an ecommerce site how will you be able to present your products to your potential buyers? Additionally, downtimes are a most common occurrence in a free web hosting. Again, you will lose prospective customers if your website can not be found. A website dedicated for ecommerce needs to be online all the time.

Paid hosting also offers reliable customer support. Even paid hosting can not guarantee a 100% uptime but customer support will at least fix the problem at once so that your site will be available to qualified traffic.

Moreover, you need to develop trust and credibility in order to build a stable customer base. How would you expect to achieve this if your customers will know that you are using free web hosting...that you don't want to part with the few dollars needed for the monthly web hosting? A free site would be acceptable if you are just starting out and you do not have loads of cash to spare but once you have earned enough switch at once and reap the benefits of paid hosting.


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