Five Reasons Your Company Needs a Dedicated Server

Submitted by Mike Dowdy

If your companies data is not on a dedicated server you are taking a big risk. Think about it if you are hosting your companies site on an internal server you run the risk of theft, electrical outages and many other possible threats that can be completely avoided by simply renting a dedicated server. The advantages far out weigh any disadvantages that you feel may feel will accrue. Think about the amount of money you will save in electricity alone. Now lets go into the five reasons you should have a dedicated server for your business.

1.Should you go with a dedicated server or should you rent a shared hosting account.?

Shared hosting accounts are good for putting up your son or daughters web site or if you simply want to test your tech knowledge. However if you are serious about security you have to go with a dedicated server. On shared plans you are sharing your space with other people. Think about it do you really want your accounting records to be on the same server as the people who are trying to get your customers?

2.How is a dedicated server going to help your website ?

If you site is currently on a shared plan or on a companies server you may have experienced times when your site was slow. This simply may have been caused by to many people on your server at one time. If the whole server is dedicated to your site than this will eliminate this issue all together.

3. Flexibility and Software

With shared servers, you will have limited access to the operating system, and software applications will be limited to those, which are provided by the host. If you want to be able to install run your own advanced, customized ecommerce or database applications you will probably need a dedicated server.


As your site grows, your traffic grows and your applications become more demanding, you will need to upgrade your server. If you are using a shared server, your upgrade options will be limited. Your host will usually allow you to increase the amount of disk space available to your site -- but that is all. You will not be able to upgrade the hard drive, Ram processors, platform or software applications yourself. When you are using a dedicated server, you can do all of these things.


Information on a shared server is likely to be less secure than information on a dedicated server. A dedicated server can also be provided with its own firewall. If you are storing highly sensitive information on your server, this increased security will obviously be a high priority.

Submitted by Mike Dowdy