Cheap Web Hosting

by Bob Willis

Not so long ago, websites were commonly hosted by ISPs. Web hosting companies slowly emerged as the need to gain internet presence increase. These days, more and more people realized the need to have a website. This resulted in the emergence of cheap web hosting companies.

Cheap web hosting companies are basically newer companies who aim to win over the customers of older and bigger companies by lowering their prices. How can these new companies reduce their prices and still earn a profit? Cheap web hosting providers take advantage of the fact that servers, bandwidth and storage space are much cheaper these days than they were several years ago. Bigger and older hosting companies are aware of this fact too, but since they have a stable customer base they would not reduce their price as it would mean a slash on their gross income.

It is said that you get what you pay for. This is basically true in the web hosting industry. High end web host would naturally have more features...bigger disk space and bandwidth and back up service to all customers. While these are important features, not all website owners can fully utilize the bigger bandwidth and storage space. Moreover, costly backups are not needed by everyone but since they are included in the web hosting package, webmasters who have opted for expensive packages will have to pay for them. A cheap web hosting company would offer all the usual features needed by the webmaster but the backup would be an add-on feature that can be availed only if the client needs the service.

A lot of people would hesitate from signing in with a cheap web hosting company due to customer service support issues. It should be noted that this issue is also present in expensive web hosting companies. In most cases, cheap web hosting providers would offer excellent service as they would give more importance to customer retention.


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